Arts Development assists in the social, environmental and economic growth of the arts and creative industries within Caerphilly County Borough with a focus on Arts and Health.

The Arts Development team is here to offer advice on all art forms.

Our remit is to help groups explore different issues that affect communities e.g. Drug Awareness, Bullying, Mental Health, Community Safety etc. We develop projects for all ages to develop skills and knowledge in the Arts, creating pride in local communities. 

We have several cross-county partnership agreements in place, which help us to access additional funding, expertise, and enable us to provide more opportunities for people to participate in exciting, cross sector cutting edge work.

We also carry out the vital function of mentoring and developing projects, organisations and individuals that want to work in the county. This supports the Creative Industry sector which is growing faster in South East Wales than any other part of the country.

If you have a project we can help with or if you’re interested in developing local creativity, we can help

If you have queries, or perhaps need an artist, please contact the team and we'll be happy to help and support you in any way we can.